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Avalon Garden Fireplace

Avalon Garden Fireplace
Avalon Garden Fireplace

Name of the product: Avalon Garden Fireplace

Ürün Dimensions:

Diameter                       :56cm

Height             :40,5cm

Şömine Derinliği :11cm

Pişirme Izgarası  :47.5cm

Material               :Saç

Colour                     :Black



  •      The products are strictly for open air use and should not be used in closed areas.
  •      Metal, stone and other parts of the products that become hot while burning should not be touched.
  •      It is also used as Fireplace + Barbecue.
  •      Wood and coal should be used as fuel.
  •      Products should be used in a way that they cannot fall on the ground. The subfloor on which it will be used must be flat, solid and non-flammable.
  •      While using the products, there should be no explosive, flammable or flammable products or materials nearby.
  •      Products should be extinguished after use.
  •      Care should be taken to ensure that there are no pets or children nearby during use.
  •     It should not be used in case of strong storm and wind.
  •     In case of emergency, water or professional fire extinguishing materials should be used, and materials of unknown origin or content should not be used.
  •     The seller cannot be held responsible for any damage or health problems caused by incorrect or incomplete use.

Product description:

Portable Garden Fireplace with foldable features as well as curved legs made of high heat resistant 2 mm thin sheet metal.

Thanks to the lightness of its metal, it is a complete camping fireplace that you can take wherever you want.

Decorative design, high heat resistant, flame guard; Open Air fireplaces will add warmth to your enjoyment with their flame guard removal and fire mixing apparatus and simple and stylish design. In addition to the warmth it adds to your pleasant conversations, you will want it to be with you wherever you go with its stylish design and minimal structure.

It is very easy to use, all you have to do is light your fire, sit back and enjoy your moment with the magnificent view of the fire.

The portable fireplace, which has a large fire bowl, will fit perfectly into your garden with its stylish curved legs.

In addition to using it as a Garden Fireplace, you will be able to barbecue and cook meals thanks to its grill.

Use of:

The flame guard and the upper Barbecue grill are removed from the fireplace and the fire is lit on the lower fire grill. If you want, you can put the Barbecue grill on it with the grill handle and make Barbecue, or you can use it by closing the flame guard.

It's Good to Know These!


One of the most important issues for a successful Barbecue feast is adjusting the temperature of the Barbecue. While too much fire can burn your meat, too little heat will leave your meat raw. While many people can adjust the temperature of the Barbecue as they wish with their experience, it would still be useful to share some tips at this point.

Nowadays, there are many Barbecue temperature measuring devices, both analog and electronic, that you can easily obtain from the market. You can easily measure the temperature inside your Barbecue with a quality device that you can obtain. When purchasing these devices, make sure that they are fireproof, easy to use, and have a size proportional to the size of your Barbecue.

Remember that your Barbecue is a kind of primitive oven and you must make the temperature adjustments that ovens make automatically in your Barbecue. If you do not have a device that can measure such temperature and you have a more traditional structure, we will recommend you the method that our ancestors used when their technology was not so developed.

One of the easiest ways to understand the temperature of your barbecue is to feel the temperature. Hold your hand 15 cm above your Barbecue and measure how long you can hold it without burning your hand.

Be careful, don't force her, don't leave a nice Barbecue feast in the middle and have to go to the emergency room.


If you can hold your hand 15 cm above the Barbecue grill for 0-2 seconds or if you withdraw your hand as soon as you put it, your Barbecue is at high temperature. The estimated temperature is between 230-350 C, which is a high temperature. This temperature is high for any type of meat and will scorch and burn the meat. In this case, you will have to wait. Check again after 5 minutes and wait until the temperature drops to a reasonable level.


If you can hold your hand 15 cm above your Barbecue grill for 4-5 seconds, your Barbecue is at medium/high temperature and is estimated to be between 190-230 C. This temperature is the temperature reached 10 minutes after the Barbecue reaches the highest temperature. This temperature can be used for fish, meatballs and vegetables. The heat is strong at this temperature, but lower temperatures are ideal for other meats.

If you can hold your hand 15 cm above your Barbecue grill for 6-7 seconds, your Barbecue is at medium temperature and the estimated temperature is between 165-190 C. This is one of the most ideal ranges, perfect for chicken, beef and lamb, turkey and roasts. All these meats taste great at this calm and moderate temperature. If your Barbecue has a lid, you can close the lid at this temperature and provide a very good cooking in 45 minutes.

If you can hold your hand 15cm above the grill of the Barbecue for 8 - 10 seconds, the temperature of your Barbecue can be described as medium low and the temperature is below 150 C. Since this temperature may be too low for cooking meat, you will need to strengthen the fire in this case.


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