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Ceramic Flower Pot

Ceramic Flower Pot
Product Name: Brooklyn Large Size Ceramic PotPot Dimensions: Dış Diameter: 47 cmİç Diameter: 39 cmHeight: 65  cmMaterial: CeramicProduction Place: VietnamColour: Mercan..
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Product Name: Brooklyn Middle Size Ceramic PotPot Dimensions: Dış Diameter: 30 cmİç Diameter: 25 cmHeight: 50 cmMaterial: CeramicProduction Place: VietnamColour: Mercan..
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Product Name: Brooklyn Small Size Ceramic Pot Pot Dimensions: Dış Diameter: 20 cmİç Diameter: 16 cmHeight: 35 cmMaterial: CeramicProduction Place: VietnamColour: Mercan..
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Brand: Greenmall
Product Name: Chicago Tall Planter Small Size PotHeight: 50cmWidth: 23 cmİç Ağız Diameterı: 18x18 cmIt is six holes. It is suitable for outdoor use.Temizliği son derece kolaydır, leke tutmazIt is extremely easy to clean and does not stainIt is resistant to temperatures between + 60 Cº and - 100 Cº...
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Brand: Greenmall
Product Name: Fiorentine Pot Small SizePot Dimensions: Pot Dimensions: Dış Ağız Diameter: 40 cmİç Ağız Diameter: 35 cmHeight: 28 cmMaterial: BallrakProduction Place: VietnamColour: Terracotta..
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Product Name: King Cube Small SizePot Dimensions: Dış Ağız Diameter: 17 cmİç Ağız Diameter: 11 cmHeight: 48 cmMiddle Diameter : 36 cmMaterial: CeramicProduction Place: VietnamColour: Krem..
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Product Name: Koral Coral Cube BrownPot Dimensions: Dış Ağız Diameter: 32 cmİç Ağız Diameter: 26 cmHeight: 44 cmMiddle Diameter : 44 cmMaterial: CeramicProduction Place: VietnamColour: Brown..
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Product Name: Koral Coral Cube KremPot Dimensions: Dış Ağız Diameter: 32 cmİç Ağız Diameter: 26 cmHeight: 44 cmMiddle Diameter : 44 cmMaterial: CeramicProduction Place: VietnamColour: Krem..
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Product Name: Koral Coral Cube MaviPot Dimensions: Dış Ağız Diameter: 32 cmİç Ağız Diameter: 26 cmHeight: 44 cmMiddle Diameter : 44 cmMaterial: CeramicProduction Place: VietnamColour: Mavi..
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Product Name: Nino Vazo Brown Middle SizePot Dimensions: Dış Ağız Diameter: 14 cmİç Ağız Diameter: 10 cmHeight: 55 cmMiddle Diameter : 29 cmMaterial: CeramicProduction Place: VietnamColour: Brown..
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Product Name: Nino Vazo Brown Small SizePot Dimensions: Dış Ağız Diameter: 10 cmİç Ağız Diameter: 8 cmHeight: 42 cmMiddle Diameter : 23 cmMaterial: CeramicProduction Place: VietnamColour: Brown..
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Product Name: Nino Vazo Large SizePot Dimensions: Dış Ağız Diameter: 17,5 cmİç Ağız Diameter: 13 cmHeight: 72 cmMiddle Diameter : 38 cmMaterial: CeramicProduction Place: VietnamColour: Krem..
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