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Dracaena draco - Ejder Ağacı

Dracaena draco - Ejder Ağacı
Dracaena draco - Ejder Ağacı

Product Latin Name: Dracaena Draco

Product Turkish Name: Ejder Ağacı

Plant Size : 180 cm

Pot Size : 450 lt

Pot Diameterı : 80Q

You can see the product you are interested in at Işık Peyzaj Bodrum Nursery.

Within our nurseries; Outdoor Ornamental Plants are produced and marketed, including leafy, coniferous, shrub, bonsai and shrub species, herbaceous and sedge species, vine species, semi-dwarf species, fruit varieties and exotic species.

Our plants are regularly sprayed and fertilized, and our nursery regularly receives T.R. It is inspected by the Provincial and District Directorates of AGreyculture of the Ministry of AGreyculture and Livestock.

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